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About TFS

About TFS

Technical Fabrics Services Australia, situated in Queensland is a specialist manufacturer of elastane based fabrics.

On first glance TFS Pty. Ltd, incorporated in 2004, appears to be the “new kid on the block” in the Australian textile industry.

Sure, we are new, with a brand new state of the art manufacturing facility, in a newly built factory. We have a wealth of textile design and manufacturing experience second to none.

The staff at TFS are highly skilled and trained, but more importantly have a passion for our product, quality and customer service.

There is a strong commitment to R&D at TFS to create innovative concepts into the market place. This drive and commitment also applies to reducing the impact on the environment through innovative manufacturing processes, ever conscious to reduce our carbon foot print.

Managing Director, John Anthony Agius, commenced his career in the thriving heydays of the textile industry in Melbourne, in the late 1970’s. At Commonwealth Dyers Association (then to become Austrim Textiles), John worked his way from laboratory technician through to Senior Dyehouse Manager. Apart from some short overseas projects, the next major project was the building and commissioning of “Logan Textile’s” dye house in Brisbane in 1996. Much development work was done here, subsequently building a knowledge base that TFS has today, particularly on elastane based substrates.

The closure of Logan Textiles in 2004, was the catalyst for the establishment of the TFS business model.

The fabric lines produced at TFS encompasses stock lines, made to order and full development of a fabric from ground up. TFS having its own fully serviced laboratory enables in-house development allowing confidentiality and exclusive service for domestic and export clientele.