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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

TFS Australia is a full vertical operation. This means we handle the whole processing (everything bar the creation of the raw materials) of the fabrics from start to finish. We have 4 main components/facilities that allow us to do this. The first of which being our knitting mil – where the whole process begins.

With our wide variety of knitting machinery and our wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, we have the capability to knit just about any fibre in any configuration you can imagine    

Having a state of the art textiles laboratory means you must have the state of the art lab equipment to accompany it; this, TFS has. Our fully automated lab dispenser, infer-red lab dying machine and spectrometer (along with other pieces of equipment) allow TFS to match colours and develop fabrics with the accuracy it needs to stay ahead of its ever-changing market

Our dyehouse is where TFS differentiates itself from the rest of the market. Having a fully adaptable dyehouse that is complimented by a fully serviced lab means that there is no colour TFS can’t match and no batch size too small or large for us to dye.

The final piece to the puzzle that makes this masterpiece production flow work is our newly built warehouse and factory. This is where we finish, inspect and store our finished product. We’re constantly undergoing exercises to improve on safety and efficiency in our workplace with a strong focus on space maximization.